Function 4 Junction Car Show

Function 4 Junction Car Show

Bring the family to Junction City, OR for a Friday night cruise, Saturday show ‘n shine and Saturday night classic car cruise! Our two day event is coming back even stronger after taking a break in 2020.
On Friday, June 4: All years, makes and models cruise through downtown Junction City from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. This cruise is inclusive and we love to see a wide variety as well as classic cars and trucks cruisin’ through Junction City.
On Saturday, June 5: All years, makes and models are invited to enter the Show ‘n Shine beginning at 8am with winners announced at 3pm. Plan on coming back for the Classic’s Only Cruise from 6pm to 9pm.
Get here early to grab a seat to watch the cruise! The roads around the cruise route will be closed off prior to the start of the cruise. Please plan accordingly.


Jun 04 - 05 2021

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Downtown Junction City
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  1. I am not happy at all. I’m very upset and frustrated with this event. My house is part of the scent blocked off for it in junction city and it was left completely trashed this morning. What the fuck?!!!! Not cool, at allot appreciated at all.

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